"It was wonderful to see every pupil sharing in the whole musical experience – whatever their ability. They where full engaged for the whole hour. "
Margaret Dean (Teacher), Alfriston School

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Samba Drumming Workshops

A Taste of Brazil

This exhilarating experience will transform your team into a large percussion ensemble with a true Brazilian flavour. Everyone will learn the infectious grooves and rhythms of Brazil under the expert guidance of our leading percussion directors, with years of experience in this style. Without leaving their seats, your team will be transported to the streets of Brazil, with each person playing their part in creating a stunning piece of original music.

We’ll go through the basics of Brazilian beats and breaks with a series of fun warm up games and exercises, the group are split up into sections and taught how to play each instrument in front of them. Everyone works together to create a monster groove and as many breaks as they can handle, this experience culminates in a stunning finale which is guaranteed to give your team an exhilarating, uplifting experience.

‘A Taste of Brazil’ will unify your team and transfer the true ethos and community spirit that is at the heart of this music. They will gain confidence and an amazing sense of achievement but be warned, toe tapping and desk bashing of these infectious rhythms will be taking place for weeks to come.

  • Your team will enter to the inspiring sound of the drums, getting a flavor of the style.
  • Fun rhythm-based warm ups and background of the music.
  • Explanations about the different drums and techniques
  • Each section will learn different parts
  • The sections will build up over the session forming the final piece.

Optional Extras

  • Surprise dancers: This fantastic added extra includes a surprise addition of one-or-more Samba dancers in full costume, making a surprise appearance at the end of the session once the group are blasting out their Brazilian groove. Drum & dance are an integral part of Brazilian culture and this addition part of the package will ensure a true taste of Brazil and create a spectacular carnival-like atmosphere.
  • 2014 World cup package.
  • Secret directors performance as part of the evening’s events.

Business Boosters:

  • Shared experience
  • High energy activity
  • Changes attitudes
  • Cultural experience
  • Fun


1– 2 hrs.


Min: 10

Max: Unlimited

SAMBA which originates from South America will have you jumping and dancing in no time as the beat takes over and you lose your inhibitions. Using Big Surdo Drums, tambourines, shakers, timbales and ago-go bells we transform your school into a Samba Ensemble. We also teach the history and origins of Samba which has a mixture of Western and African roots.

Each person will be met with their own drum when they get to their seat and then the fun begins. You will meet Somesh your instructor who will introduce you to the world of Samba music and show you how you can all play your part in creating new and wonderful sounds. You will learn to come out of your comfort zone, leave your stresses behind and simply enjoy the beat.. At the end of the session you will have learned a new skill and we guarantee that you will feel great about yourself.

You will get the opportunity to play with each instrument and be part of the collective music making process as well as take part in individual group playing. Once you have had a chance to experience all of the different instruments we have on offer then we finish the session with a Samba Carnival Parade. This parade is our chance to show what we have learned and enjoy playing all of the instruments together in a carnival atmosphere.  

Possible Event Description (60 Participants, 1-2 Hours & 1 Room)

(Each event is different and details will be discussed to make your event the best possible)

For over 60 people, where 1 room and 2 Hours are available
The event begins with the whole group entering the room while the Drum Jam Musicians are playing African and samba music, everyone sits down with their instruments and start playing. After 10 minutes of jamming we bring the introduction to a close and we introduce ourselves and explain what the rest of the session will entail.

The group stays together throughout the session. They learn Samba music from Brazil using bass drums, bells, shakers and tambourines. Throughout the 2 hours the rhythms get more challenging until each team member is playing music he/she never dreamed possible. All led by our expert facilitators. The groups swap instruments 5 times, and therefore each person gets to play all the instruments.

A very exciting, fun and high energy event. The majority of customers vote our events as their best teambuilding event ever!

Samba is the music originating from Brazil. Made famous by the Rio Carnival that happens in february each year where thousands of people travel to Rio to take part in the biggest party on the planet.

It is the mixture of three cultures – West African Drumming, Portuguese Music and Local Indian Music.

It is known for fun, rhythmic, and very danceable music, with Lots of high energy.

The Samba Music Workshop Includes:

Basic Rhythm Fundamentals:

Participants learn the basics of rhythm and how music works while being played on their instruments. This allows people to learn the basic of the rhythms that we will be performing.

Singing and Percussion:

Participants Learn will learn a song that goes with the samba. They will also learn how to play various percussion including, Claves (wood blocks), Bells and Shakers.

Drums – Base, African Djembe / Hand Drums:
Participants learn to use the African hand drum called djembe, and the rhythms that go with the samba music. They also learn the base rhythms that are the foundation of Samba.

Culmination – Samba Carnival

Everyone comes together to perform the samba carnival together using the 5 different instruments learned i.e. Large Bass Drums, Medium Bass Drums, Small Base Drums, Djembes, Bells, Shakers and Woods.

Fun, Teambuilding, High Energy, Bonding, Inspirational, Motivational & Creative.