"Many thanks for the excellent drumming workshops at Somerhill and the “enabling” of our kids at the family festival. Hugely enjoyable!"
Headteacher Ben Parkhurst , BRIGHTON, EAST SUSSEX

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Ice Breakers Drumming Events

Drum Jam's Ice Breaker Team Building Events are a great way to get your event in full swing in a short space of time. With a variety of activities specifically designed to energise everyone in the room  we'll have everyone singing, clapping and stamping out tunes before they know it. These are simple yet effective activities great for an energy boost especially at times when you think group energy may need a quick lift. Our quick energiser activities provide many positive benefits, which include:

  • Build Confidence
  • Break the Ice
  • Release Tension
  • Fun
  • Increases Musicality

Check out some of our Ice Breaker activities below to see what we can provide for your event.

Boomwhacker Booster

When you enter our boomwhacker workshop you will be met with an array of tuned percussion tubes, each with its own unique sound depending on its colour. Within minutes you can be creating wonderful music by whacking these terrific tubes to different rhythms and making magical melodies you wouldn’t have thought possible. Find Out More...

Body Beats

Did you know that you’ve been walking around in a fantastic and wonderful musical instrument all this time? Let us show you how to use this discovery to its full potential. Using the body as percussion, our facilitator will have any size of group warmed up, energised and having fun using their bodies as an instrument. Find Out More...


Unify your team through the power of song. Hugely motivational, stimulating and fun, Songspiration will have everyone at your conference or event singing from the same sheet. In a short space of time your team will be confidently singing together in beautiful harmony, brought together as one through the power of the human voice. Find Out More...