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Global Beats – Fun competition

Global Beats – Fun competition

Glo bal  Beats – Taking drumming to new heights.

Global Beats is an empowering, rewarding and entertaining experience that celebrates the culturally diverse business world we live in today.
We bring together the best beats from around the globe under one roof, allowing your team to travel around the world through the medium of the drum. Under expert tuition your group will work in small teams to each learn a unique groove from a different part of the world, with all participants perfecting the “Global Beat” -­‐ a signature groove common to every team. For the grand finale the groups will each battle against each other with individual performances in their teams differing styles.
We will then see who will be crowned ‘Masters of Groove’, voted using our ‘Rumbleometer’. They will then come together to play the ‘Global Beat’, unifying all of the teams in this spectacular sonic showstopper. Global Beats is a powerful multicultural delight that will leave your people inspired, energised and ready to take on the world. Bring on the beats and let us provide you with a memorable highlight to your conference or event.

How it works

  • The group arrives, is introduced to the tutors and then split up into competing teams.
  • The teams then take part in a series of fun rhythm-­‐based warm up games.
  • Each team will learn a unique piece from different parts of the world.
  • The teams then perform their unique pieces to each other in the finale.
  • Winners are crowned with the aid of the ‘Rumbleometer’. We ask the other teams to rumble on their instruments for the team they think are the best, they can’t vote for their own team. Whoever receives the loudest rumble is crowned this year’s champions.
  • The teams all come together at the end to perform the Global Beat, unifying the group.
  • Who will be next years’ champion?

Business Boosters

  • Builds  confidence
  • Can bring international teams together
  • Celebrates success
  • Team unifier
  • High energy
  • Releases tension
  • Changes attitudes
  • Fun
  • Increases musicality


  • 1hr 30min – 3hrs recommended
  • Other formats are available

Number of deligates

  • Min – 30
  • Max – unlimited

Optional Extras

  • Why not combine this experience with one of our other exciting energizers
  • Perfectly complements our ‘Boomwhacker Booster’ & ‘Songspiration’.
  • Complementary performances are available
  • The teams could also perform in the evening as part of the evening’s entertainment. Making the event more personalised to your business.
  • Different dancers from the different cultures represented could join the teams, or we can even facilitate your own dance team!
  • Choose your own styles i.e. if you have specific links with particular countries around the globe, we can represent those places; strengthening ties with particular countries your business has links to.
  • Global beats can go global by delivering the event in any country in an language.


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